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Boston in 48 Hours

On the first warm sunny weekend in May, we set off for a whirlwind textile tour of Boston. We wanted to see CraftBoston, sponsored by the Society of Arts and Crafts—“America’s oldest nonprofit arts organization”—and to spend a day or two in Cambridge. We needed to photograph an art piece friend Arlene Morris had sold to a client and wanted to see my sister-in-law, Nan.

We packed many textile adventures into two days! The captions tell it all, but we visited CraftBoston, the home of an art collector with exquisite textiles, the re-opening of treasured dress shop Look, Harvard campus at nightfall, the artful home of Sharissa and Daniel who had purchased the piece, fine art/craft gallery MDF Motto, and fantastic fabric store Gather Here. Beautiful weather and lots of sights to get creative juices flowing.


  1. Thank you so much for visiting our shop in Cambridge. And for including a photo of my very own Liberty Meadow Quilt. It’s always cool to see what our shop looks like through other’s eyes.

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